Where To Fish in Singapore

Anglers in Singapore tend to research and plan their fishing trips in advance.

But there’ll always be days when you decide to grab your rod for a spontaneous quick fishing session. Because of my job nature, I tend to find myself in such a spot when I’m in an unfamiliar part of Singapore.

Rather than waste my time searching (mostly googling or asking friends) for a possible fishing spot near me, I decided to set up this site for easy reference.

All locations marked here are legal fishing areas, accurate at the time of publication.

Where to fish in Singapore

Here’s a compilation of the places I’ve mapped out:

Disclaimer: I have not been to all of them.

Freshwater Fishing in Singapore

If you’re up for some game fishing, Singapore’s reservoirs and canals are home to cichlids like tilapias and jaguar guapote, catfish and the infamous temensis (aka peacock bass).

Here’s a list of freshwater reservoirs where you can clock some fishing. You’ll also find a Google Maps list there. Save it for easy reference.

Don’t look down on our canals, some guy caught a 8kg catfish along the Rochor canal before. The fight took him about 30 mins!

Saltwater Fishing in Singapore

We have a wide variety of saltwater fish and other marine creatures (stingrays and squids are quite common), many of which can be fished from jetties or along the coast.

Here’s a list of saltwater fishing spots you can start exploring from. I’ve categorised them into jetties, beach spots and pay ponds. Likewise, you’ll also find a Google Maps list there.

Catch rates may vary but persevere! In 2020, a group of anglers caught a 80kg giant leopard whipray off Bedok jetty. Unfortunately the stingray was killed instead of released. This site advocates catch and release, whenever possible.