Saltwater Fishing in Singapore

As an island, Singapore is surrounded by saltwater 🎉. Alas, this doesn’t mean we can cast our lines anywhere, to our hearts contents. 😢

Here’re the fishing spots to catch some saltwater fishing action:

Jetty Fishing in Singapore

As we are surrounded by water, its little surprise that there are numerous jetties, piers, quays and wharfs in Singapore. That said, fishing may not be allowed at most of them. Here’s a list of those that are open for fishing:

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Jetty Catch Reports

Anglers can hunt for a wide variety of fish off our jetties. From Queen Fish to Groupers to Stingrays and even squids, it’s an exciting experience.

For the latest catch reports, visit shoreangler (mostly on Bedok Jetty) or

If you’re interested in a quick history of Singapore’s jetties, read this informative blog!

Beach Fishing in Singapore

With limited places for saltwater fishing, its inevitable that jetties are quite packed especially during the weekends. Fret not, there are beaches and shores where you can get some saltwater fishing done too. Here are some:

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Pay Ponds for Saltwater Fishing in Singapore

Let’s face it, your catch rates fishing at the jetties or beaches will be unpredictable. For anglers or hobbyists who want a higher chance of catching something, pay ponds are good alternatives. Here are the pay ponds in Singapore:

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